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be ready for a unique and exceptional japanese culinary experience be transported to downtown tokyo with its alluring skyline and bustling nightlife , a blend of post modernism and a history as rich as our own defines ohayo and takes you on a gourmet journey you won’t forget anytime soon

story of

it all started when a foreigner was posted to japan . unfamiliar with the language or culture he felt uncomfortable in the new world he had was used to back home was take out. soon was thinking of giving the local cuisine a try

one day when he was craving a wholesome meal,h asked a Japanese college of his to recommend a restaurant that would satisfy his immense hunger    

the colleague smiled and took him to a nearby street.the foreigner was amazed to see the people in business suits that filled tables on the street while innumerable servers from the kiosks were busy serving them noodles, sushi and ramen .

The aroma overwhelmed him as he sat with his colleagues

here the foreigner was served the most scrumptious meal he ever had! By the end of the meal he was having the time of his life and relaxed and confident for the first time since he landed!

At the end of his posting in Japan, which he thoroughy enjoyed, he promised to bring that cuisine to his home country – and he decided to call it ohayo,since those were the first words he learned in Japanese which translate to “Good Morning” 


Japanese cuisine has been favoured by millions of hungry global fans throughout the decades. Ohayo puts the fun back into devouring Japanese food, whether you favour noodles or sushi, the variety of the dishes here will keep you coming back

Cooking is done on a live ber where you can choose to enjoy the action live, or watch from your table afar! The generous serving sizes ensure that you are getting a great deal as compared to other Japanese restaurants. The standard order of sushi is six pieces versus the usual four pieces in most other places

The food selection is unlike any other in this part of the world and ohayo offers a dazzling variety of it from beef, vegetables and seafood. The Sashimi and Nigiri Sushi and Bamboo Rolls are the categories on the Menu that are a must try.


what makes ohayo stand out from other similar restaurants is its policy of using only homemade noodles, a chief staple of Japanese cuisine, as well as ingredients that are fteshly avaliable in the market.

The ambience is relaxed and the warm colour scheme used in the decor gives this restaurant a cosy feel, making it perfect for waik-in, casual dining, and ideal for the freshest Japanese take-away in town

we strive to bring our customers an authentic Japanese culinary eperience with a friendly,casual ambience
we constantly innovate and add the latest dishes that suit the palette of our customers

we hope you will follow the advice of our final message which is inscribed in graphic red Japanese characters on our main door  See you soon